i am a part of all that i have met–

i wrote in my paper-journal a few weeks ago that my greatest success over the last two years of my life was not anything i’d actually done or seen, tasted or touched, but, letting all of that into me, becoming a part of me– letting it change me.
that was why i wanted all this. from the very beginning. quitting my ideal job in chicago and moving out west, dumping half of my belongings in wyoming, and trying to make it all work anyhow. i wanted to learn, i wanted to feel everything possible, i wanted to experience something different. and while i did experience something different out in washington and oregon, none of it really fell into place until i left for ecuador. and none of it made sense until i started living there, started loving there, started feeling and learning and changing.
more than anything, these experiences have somehow taught me about love, compassion and understanding. sure the culture, language and outdoorsy stuff was beautiful and fun, but that’s just what lies at the surface of the experience.
and i am not referring to romantic love, though, of course that would be included. i’m talking about being a loving person, loving the world, loving one’s self, loving others, loving whatever can be possibly loved. which is why i adore these lyrics, and what they remind us about love…. love is not a feeling, nor a thing that can be obtained, love is something we do, love is something we are:

love, love is a verb
love is a doing word.

{from teardrop, by massive attack}

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