wild birds and cute boys

recommending and sharing books you love.

the way the woods smell after a rain.
biking past the marshes, thick with humming insects, its roadside edges lined with queen anne’s lace, tiger lillies, cat tails and stalks of tall, billowing wheat grass.
organizing my recipe journal, planning out my culinary future (pending on acquiring a job that will allow me to purchase the items needed to make such dishes!)
organizing my lists, saving pictures and ideas and dreams in my little brown book so that 1) i do not lose/forget them, and 2) i can put them aside to focus on now (and now has no room for travel fantasies and antique wire baskets).
making my sister and i delicious colombian coffee, and remembering the dread-locked man who showed me how colombian coffee is grown and roasted, and knowing that he is still there, in those mountains, collecting the shiny read beans.
a small child’s excitement/pride in their finished piece of artwork!
collage poems made from old issues of the New Yorker.
salsa music.
memories of palm trees, of warm ocean, warm skin and laughter, macaroni and cheese + coca-cola, hands held.
making a book to capture it all, to share, to not forget anything, nor unlearn.

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