sorry for the lapse!

I skip from one challenge to the next, it seems! My life changed completely, and swiftly, in a matter of weeks after my last post. I moved back to Rochester, NY, after getting offered a temporary, part-time teaching post at RIT. Then, much to my surprise, on top of teaching two nights a week at RIT, I was hired as a full-time art teacher in the Rochester city schools. I’ve officially been teaching one month as of today and it has been QUITE a month. Lots of ups and downs, superb moments and horrifying ones, and already so many lessons learned and improvements made. Needless to say, the majority of my art and writing projects have been momentarily been put on hold… with the exception of film photography… and I should have some images to share, soonish, once I find a place to get the film developed. I will get back to making beautiful things (and sharing the beautiful work of others) as soon as I can, but for now my focus is helping my students make beautiful things. I do hope to share images of my students’ work as inspiration for others to make art…but that will have to wait a bit!
As my mom and a few of her friends would say, I like to do things the hard way. And maybe that is so….but at the very least, it keeps life interesting!
Back soon…

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