i will post here more frequently from now on. i’ve realized my work-a-holic mistakes only lead down a terrible spiral into an even more terrible drain. i also have some plans for my art projects:

my idea is to create a series of portraits and landscapes depicting all that i love about latin america. but i think, before i go about examining the lives and places of other, i had best examine myself first. this is a strange period in my life, anyways, there is much to be thought about and expressed… and i think my ability to articulate what i love about someplace else—someone else will be stunted until i can accurately articulate what it is that i love about myself. i spend enough time, afterall, chewing myself to pieces. there is no one out there, but, dear space: expect visual self studies. written words may accompany. god, i love being alive. i love creating. i love sharing.

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