Transforming difficulty into joy

Below is an excerpt from Elana Miller’s fantastic blog, Zen Psychiatry.

“We suffer not because there is no joy in our life; we suffer because there is joy all around us that we fail to notice.

We miss the joy of eating because we’re distracted and don’t pay attention to our food (or, even worse, we criticize our bodies and deny ourselves delicious and fulfilling food, and associate eating with guilt).

We miss the joy of spending time with friends because our minds are a million miles away worrying about some problem at work.

We miss the joy of solitude and quiet because we’re used to filling our attention with constant streams of information and entertainment, to the point that slowing down causes discomfort and boredom.

It’s an unfortunate reality that most people don’t realize how good they have it until something is taken away. It took getting cancer for me to realize how great my life actually is.”

To read the rest of the beautiful piece (and you should!!), click HERE!

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