Some updates from the classroom

IMG_1001 IMG_1011 IMG_1027 IMG_1029

While the above photos encapsulate only a few creative journeys that have happened in the classroom, I think they do it quite well. For the Adinkra Paintings, the kiddos had to decide which personal values were most important to them, and then find the Adinkra symbol that best represented each value. They also had the opportunity to create their own symbols representative of one of their values. The colors for each symbol were chosen based on a particular color scheme (such as warm, cool, or complementary). We used a wax resist technique, which is combining crayon and watercolor. The Haunted Houses were just for fun–almost! I also snuck in a little lesson on one-point perspective so they could begin to understand how to make drawings show depth of space, rather appear flat. Kids filled their haunted houses and landscapes with ghosts, graveyards, cornfields, alien landings, weird churches, storms, zombies, and the like. I was impressed with their wacky ideas 🙂

I am going to be updating the “Art Education” page soon, with “best of” photos of projects from both this year and years past. Check back soon!

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