December, December


It’s the end of 2014, and while it’s been an adventurous year full of learning, new experiences, love, and laughter, my mother gave me a little talking-to over the holiday weekend that reminded me of something I’m not exactly proud of:

I’m still holding back. And I’m making a lot of excuses about why.

So, while I’ve already started doing a miniature daily lettering/doodling project for thirty consecutive days, I want to add something small, just for the last twenty-one days of fall: write one haiku a day. That’s it. Maybe, if I’m feeling up to it, make a fancy, illustrative one now and then. But I’ll be happy if each day I can sit down and craft a seventeen-syllable collection of words that not only sounds nice, but makes some kind of sense. I’ll share them here, likely in clusters. Until then, enjoy the above photo of something I know I’ll be writing about… trees, water, and the changing of seasons!



And yes, thirty-year-olds still need lectures from their mothers!

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