Home iz lovely

I’m drinking a cup of (extremely weak) decaf, cold-brewed coffee that I made myself. I’m also packing for my four-day solo excursion to a cabin in the woods south of Ithaca, New York. I’m hoping the solitude will allow me to relocate some of my creative energies–which often seem to go into deep-freeze storage during the school year!

But really, I wanted to tell you about today. I was driving around in my car, running the most banal of errands: going to the post office, going to my doctor’s office to sign a release, going to the bank, going to another doctor’s appointment. One would have expected relative boredom, a hurriedness, a rushing to get these things done. Yet there was none of that. Instead, I was fascinated. I was driving around Rochester and its suburbia as if I’d never seen it before–perplexed by its quiet, unobtrusive beauty, by the simplicity of its streets, grateful for the variety of tree leaves that rimmed the parking lots and shopping plazas, in awe of the old architecture intermixed with the new and the small hills of dense forest erupting throughout the city. The variety and the scents of its flowering trees had me smiling as I turned several corners. Even telephone wires and the textures of pavement caught my eye. It was as if I was seeing my home through a jeweled lens–everything sparkled. It was one of those days when I was so grateful to remember: I really do love it here, even though it’s not perfect.

That’s all for now.

Except one more thing: expect many changes to the website soon, including a new URL! 🙂



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