Airplanes + Trees

Life in Atlanta so far has been… interesting! Made better by the bizarre and plane truth that everything is simply a total surprise. A few updates:

In attempt to continue facing what frightens me (and getting comfortable and cozy with fear) I decided to let a near stranger jump me out of an airplane last weekend. It was: utterly terrifying, exhilarating, and unbelievably beautiful and peaceful. I seriously love this planet, and getting to be here! Also: I will totally do this again. Floating back down to earth while wind whooshes through your parachute is the closest thing to magic I’ve ever encountered, even though it’s just good old physics and atmospheric haze.

And within the realm of the arts, and not airplanes, I was one of the artists selected to paint a festivity tree at Colony Square in Midtown Atlanta. They’ll be on display for the month of December!


❤ Katie