Body parts

Every city I’ve lived in, long term, has felt like some part of the body to me. Guayaquil felt like a heart, and I found myself often listening for its beats. Sometimes they eluded me, other times I was caught in the midst of them, unable to hear anything else. Rochester was bones, stacked oddly, a woman lying on her back, one leg extended, the other knee bent, foot on the earth. It was a hollow place, for me, and when I recall it, it’s often from the perspective of standing in that ribcage, wondering where the organs were, and looking out, all around me.

Atlanta is like a pair of lungs. Huge, beastly, heaving lungs. Its breath is audible, at times becoming an almost mechanical or accordion-like wheeze. The exhales, to me, are particularly satisfying; an orchestra of noises, of diminishing weight, of momentary release, all cascading into a few seconds of perfect quiet. Until, of course, the lungs begin to expand again.

I’m not sure what any of this means, except, perhaps, that maybe I’m crazier than previously suspected.

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Festivity tree!

Below are some images–in progress but mostly finished and in its home for the month of December, of my painted festivity tree for Colony Square ATL. It was a LOT of fun to ideate, draw, and paint πŸ™‚ My themes reflected, a little bit, our ever-present connection to the natural world, and to each other.








Airplanes + Trees!

Life in Atlanta so far has been… interesting. And pretty much a total surprise, which is what makes it so wonderful!

A few updates:

In attempt to continue facing what frightens me (and getting comfortable and cozy with fear <3) I decided to let a near stranger jump me out of an airplane last weekend. It was: utterly terrifying, exhilarating, and unbelievably beautiful and peaceful. I seriously love this planet, and getting to be here! Also: I will totally do this again. Floating back down to earth while wind whooshes through your parachute is the closest thing to magic I’ve ever encountered, even though it’s just good old physics and atmospheric haze πŸ™‚


And within the realm of the arts, and not airplanes, I was one of the artists selected to paint a festivity tree at Colony Square in Midtown Atlanta. They’ll be on display for the month of December! Click here to learn about the artists and see details about the event.


❀ Katie

Welcome 2.0

I’ll use this space to best document adventures and experiences in teaching and learning the arts. It may be something from the classroom, the studio, or my own personal work as a writer and artist. Stay tuned. Changes are on their way! πŸ™‚ ❀