IMG_5449Katie Duane is an essayist who also loves to write the occasional poem, a teacher of the arts and yoga, and an endlessly curious learner. She is a lover of many things, including but not limited to: painting, lyric essays, the cosmos, books, trees, ocean waves, coffee in bed, yoga, travel, hiking, anatomy, dance (especially salsa and bachata!), horses, surprises, and the Spanish language.

Since 2008, Katie has worked primarily as a teacher of the visual arts. She has taught in Portland, Oregon, Guayaquil, Ecuador, Rochester, New York, and has recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. She’s excited about what’s next–and looks forward to continuing to figure out how to fuse together her love for the arts, writing, travel, wellness, nature, science, and social justice. For more information on Katie’s education and experience, please see below.

For a detailed work history and professional experiences, see her LinkedIn

Read her personal blog here. You can also find her on twitter and Instagram. Cheers!

¡y sí, hablo español!

(photo by Andrew Munro-Berry)

Continuing Education: (because learning is probably her favorite thing to do)

  • Language & Cultural Classes
    • Lake Atitlán Women Weavers Cooperative: San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala: Introductory classes in back-strap weaving, July 2017
    • San Pedro Spanish School, San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala: Advanced Spanish Course in the Subjunctive, July 2017
  • Writing Classes
  • Writers.com
    • Next Level Non Fiction (upcoming, September-November 2017)
  • Catapult Online
    • Launching your Writing Career on the Internet, August-September 2017
  • The Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Online)
    • The Poetic Experiments of Bernadette Mayer, March-April 2017
    • The Lyric Essay, January-March 2017
  • Writers and Books, Rochester, New York:
    • Advanced Prose, October-November 2015
    • The Stories You Need to Tell, September-November 2014
    • Writing & Yoga, weekend workshop, April 2014
    • Intermediate and Advanced Poetry, October-November 2013
    • The Personal Essay,  April-May 2013
  • Fine Arts Classes
    • Memorial Art Gallery of Rochester: Acrylic Painting, April-Mary 2015
    • Genesee Center for the Arts, Rochster, New York: Ceramics on the Wheel, February-April 2013

If you have questions  or comments, feel free to use the form below. Thanks!


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