Katie is a writer, painter, and former teacher living in Atlanta, Georgia. She likes to write and paint about the things that interest her the most: faces and figures, the great outdoors, geology, gravity, impermanence, astrophysics (as much as she can understand!), and our faulty and fascinating human natures. She is so happy to be here on planet earth!

Formally trained as an illustrator and an art educator, Katie spent eight years teaching art and art history in Oregon, Ecuador, and Upstate New York. She’s currently serving delish french food and wine on Atlanta’s east side as she reassembles her professional and creative lives. For news and updates on works-in-progress, please visit the blog.

Trying to remember everything (in great detail) is one of her favorite hobbies.

To learn more about Katie’s professional experiences, visit her LinkedIn. To learn more about her education, see the “Learning” Page.