Philosophy & Practice
For me, yoga is about learning to be in my body, and in the moment, more fully–whatever it is, and whatever it isn’t. Since my teacher training, I’ve gone back and forth a lot in how I define and practice yoga, and have questioned and doubted its existence thoroughly–there was a even a time when I gave it up for several months and thought I’d never return to it.

But I did return, and found that in the process of questioning and doubting how yoga is defined and practiced, I had created my own definition and my own means of practice. Yoga for me, is, more than anything, a celebration of body, of life, of learning, and of the moment–however joyous or painful or exciting or dull it may be.

*I’m NOT currently teaching but I’m hoping to edge my way back into it over the coming months!*  🙂


Yoga and Related Training
Essential Yoga Teacher Training, January-June 2014, Open Sky Yoga, Rochester, New York

RYT-200 Yoga Alliance certified program, taught over 6 months, focusing on postural alignment, functional anatomy, pranayama, and yoga philosophy; lead by senior teacher Francois Raoult.

  • Moving Your Practice Forward, 2016
    Yoga Loft Bethlehem
    Three day workshop with Jason Crandell
  • Introduction to Zen Meditation & Philosophy, 2016
    Rochester Zen Center
    Weekend workshop
  • The Sacrum & Coccyx, 2015
    Midtown Fitness Center
    One day workshop with Adam William Ayers
  • The Psoas, 2014
    Open Sky Yoga
    One day workshop with Carla Anselm
  • Foundations of the Iyengar Practice, 2014
    Open Sky Yoga
    One day workshop with Eleanor Goldfarb
  • Five Element Yoga, 2013
    Kripalu Yoga Center
    Three day workshop with Jennifer Reis
  • The Shoulder Girdle, 2012
    Cambridge, Massachusetts
    Weekend Workshop with Barbara Benagh